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Inflatable Fun Run – The Most Fun You Will Ever Have At A Race!

Event Info:

Starting the fall of 2017, we have taken our popular Inflatable Fun Run and made it more Extreme! Don’t worry, the Inflatable Fun Run hasn’t changed. We have simply created another option. 

What is the Extreme Rush Inflatable Fun Run? We have taken the Inflatable Fun Run, added more obstacles including an archery challenge and included an Elite division that is timed. Prior to now, the Inflatable Fun Run was a non-timed event. As previously mentioned, that option is still available.

Not interested in the Extreme Rush version of the Inflatable Fun Run? That’s perfectly fine. The original IFR is still here and still fun!



The Inflatable Fun Run event was founded in 2015 and is owned and managed by Run To Succeed Race Management and Timing Company based out of southern Illinois. The Inflatable Fun Run is a non-timed race, any distance, but usually not longer than a 5K distance, featuring inflatable obstacles along the course. With the growing trend of road races across the United States, the market is beginning to get flooded with the conventional 5K. We created the Inflatable Fun Run as a way for participants to be more engaged in the event, burn off some everyday life stress and have an opportunity to be involved in physical fitness in an exciting way. Most importantly, we want you to have fun! 

Inflatable Fun Run registration is open for all runners and walkers, regardless of age, who want to have fun! We create a fun family atmosphere with challenging fitness conditions. Make sure you register early and get the lowest entry price available. The entry fee will increase as the event gets closer. 

The Inflatable Fun Run has smaller wave sizes to keep participants from being too congested on the obstacles, which we believe creates a better experience for the participant.

Our custom inflatable obstacle courses and slides are designed to be suitable for participants of all age ranges and levels of fitness. If you are competitive by nature and want to move through our course as quickly as possible, we say go for it! If you want to take your time and enjoy every step, bounce, slide or moment from the course, we say go for it! We encourage you to move as fast or slow as you want through our obstacles.

Finish times aren’t important with the Inflatable Fun Run. Supporting local charity and having the time of your life is what we care about. We want you to unleash your inner child!


What could possibly be more fun than participating in the Inflatable Fun Run? How about participating as a team! Put together a group of family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors or even people you’ve never met before.  Teams can be co-ed and any age. You can be a member of a 2 person team or 40! Our teams have no size restrictions.

Depending on the size of your team, we may have to split you up into separate waves. We must maintain safety standards at all times, but we will make every effort to accommodate your team as best we can. We recommend getting team shirts, corporate insignia, coordinating colors or any other other markings to make your team stand out from the crowd and really get everyone involved in the team spirit! Put your team together, save money and conquer our inflatable obstacle course together!


The Inflatable Fun Run offers individuals the chance to register as a VIP for any of our events. VIP access provides you the ability to run in any wave time you choose even if that wave is previously sold out. The VIP Access Pass comes with a special wristband provided during packet pickup, which allows you to enter the starting line for any wave time you choose. It also gives you a $20 merchandise credit (on event day only) at our merchandise tent or booth. This includes all Inflatable Fun Run and Run To Succeed merchandise. Just provide your name and show your wristband and a staff member will be able to assist and issue you the credit.

You may be wondering, what makes the Inflatable Fun Run series different than the others?

1.  Every participant who finishes the course receives a custom Inflatable Fun Run event medal and event t-shirt. Unfortunately, this cannot be guaranteed if you wait until race day to register.   

2. We offer more than just an obstacle course race. We have other family fun activities for you to be engaged in such as our merchandise tent and interactive games.

3. All participants who have previously completed our Inflatable Fun Run obstacle course will be given a coupon code for discounted entry at future Inflatable Fun Run events. 

4. You will get wet! (weather permitting) That’s right, we have added a water slide obstacle to the course. Prepare accordingly! We do have the water slide set up as the last obstacle so that you aren’t completing the entire course in wet clothes or shoes. This slide will be used as a dry slide in the event of cool temperatures. Of course, you may skip the water slide obstacle if you choose to not get wet. After all, can you really have fun without getting wet?

IFR Race Medal