The Inflatable Fun Run is the most fun you will ever have at a race!

The Inflatable Fun Run course is designed to be challenging, but most importantly fun for all participants regardless of age. Our obstacles are subject to change from event to event. We have an obstacle at roughly every half mile of the course.

The course length will generally be a 5K distance or shorter. However, that is subject to change as each venue provides it own unique terrain, therefore, different race lengths are possible.

The event is open for all participants regardless of age, but we do prefer the children to be at least 5 years of age. All runners and walkers are welcome to attend!

Prepare accordingly. You will get wet at the end of the race on our water slide obstacle! (weather permitting – subject to change)

Meet the Obstacles

Extreme Rush:

The Extreme Rush lives up to its name by taking the typical linear inflatable obstacle course challenge and twisting it into a bending maze with ascending levels of slides and challenges. The face of the Extreme Rush is enough to excite anyone into a daring challenge to the extreme. Challengers enter through the portal and rush through vertical and horizontal obstacles on their way to the first slide. Once at the rear of the course, it’s a race to the finish through more upright obstacles leading to a ten foot wall climb and slide. Participants are sure to get excited towards the finish as they pass underneath the towering “X” that marks this obstacle as one of sheer X-itement!


At a massive 62 feet, Megatron is the biggest, baddest obstacle course of them all. This obstacle course is a challenge for children and adults alike. Challengers position themselves at the portal entrance before they dive head-on into the course. Up ahead is the familiar vertical pop-ups followed by the horizontal hurdles section of similar challenges. After clearing the second set of hurdles, the challengers enjoy the exhilarating climb up and slide down to the finish. But wait, just when you think it’s over, there is another climb reaching 16 feet before sliding back down. Megatron is 62 feet of non-stop fun! 

Tower of Fun:

This 18 foot double lane slide is perfect for all the competitive spirits looking to race up and down the slide. The slide is angled at 40 degrees allowing for that quick energy rush to get you started and leave you clamoring for more!

Zip Thru:

The Zip Thru features all essentials in a great obstacle course. The Zip Thru Obstacle features a sleek compact design for a 32 foot long obstacle course with a 70 foot total length for racing fun. The Zip Thru Obstacle Course challenges participants with push-through’s and pop-ups in every corner while you ascend the climber to the Zip Thru Slide. Once cleared through the obstacle portion, participants will now slide down the awesome long and bumpy slide to see who finishes fastest.

The Misfit:

This massive 31 foot obstacle earns its name because it just simply isn’t like the others. You will see for yourself out on the course. Despite its non-matching appearance, it provides tons of exciting fun by welcoming its challengers with two portal entrances to crawl through. From there it is a race to the finish as each participant pushes their way through vertical and horizontal hurdles, dive and crawl through the floor tunnels, climb up the wall and slide down to the finish.

Tidal Wave Slide:

We told you that you were gonna get wet! (weather pending of course) The 17 foot Tidal Wave wet or dry slide is guaranteed to thrill even the bravest riders. Tidal Wave features a water misting system  built into each sliding lane that shoot you down the slide into the pool below. Dual sliding lanes allow the participants to race side by side. One of the fastest water slides you’ll find in an inflatable obstacle!