Teams and Corporate



What could possibly be more fun than participating in the Inflatable Fun Run? How about participating as a team! Put together a group of family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors or even people you’ve never met before.  Teams can be co-ed and any age. You can be a member of a 2 person team or 40! Our teams have no size restrictions.

Depending on the size of your team, we may have to split you up into separate waves. We must maintain safety standards at all times, but we will make every effort to accommodate your team as best we can. We recommend getting team shirts, corporate insignia, coordinating colors or any other other markings to make your team stand out from the crowd and really get everyone involved in the team spirit! Put your team together, save money and conquer our inflatable obstacle course together!

Is there truly a more exciting way  to bond with your friends or co-workers and build up a sense of camaraderie than sharing in the thrilling experience of an Inflatable Fun Run? Our obstacle course presents a fun opportunity for employees and/or friends to come together and work as a team to overcome challenges, while still enjoying the fun of a friendly competition.

We welcome family, friends and corporate teams and want to make creating them as easy as possible. If you aren’t sure specifically who wants to participate, or even the exact number of participants that will be on your team, that’s no problem. Simply start the registration process using the “team” option and you will be given the opportunity to create your team.

When members of your team register, all they need to do is select the “Team” registration option and type in the team name when prompted to do so.  Once they have selected and joined your team, each member will be given a $5.00 discount automatically at checkout. Have more than 10 members and want to pay for all of the members of your team at once? Great! Please contact us at for details and instructions.

*Processing fees not included in discount.*